non-compliance before the new regulations

Although mahogany collectively, but each timber in accordance with the different prices of the hardness of the production process, production location are not the same. The same set of living room sofa (sofa decoration effect diagram) coffee table (coffee table decoration renderings) eight, Vietnam, Cambodia the sandalwood and Africa chicken wings wood compared to the price to more than ten times. For this reason, many businesses took advantage of ordinary consumers to distinguish the material is unclear, shoddy. The so-called "mahogany", not to refer to all red timber, nor is it specific to one kind of wood, but the current domestic mahogany timber convention collectively. Definition of national standards in accordance with the mahogany furniture, its range is 5 genera and 8 class 33 kinds, which, 5 genera, including the Pterocarpus the Dalbergia, Diospyros Millettia genus, ironwood genus 8 category contains rosewood class , black rosewood class, red rosewood class, incense sticks of wood, rosewood, ebony, striped ebony wood wings classes.     Glossary According to him, Hangzhou, a furniture market mahogany store about ten from last year's reduced to three this year. Consumers also difficult to rely solely on the "identity card" to judge the quality of the mahogany, "sometimes furniture dealer own material it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. The real disputes arise, or need to ask a third-party testing organization for testing, as he said, legal basis. " "The new regulations focus more on product details, decorative and finishing must express, consumers will be able to know the difference between a comparison, the more in materials and workmanship." A merchant said, mahogany furniture market adjustment in the last year, many businesses to price three Sizhe of selling furniture, on the one hand, is influenced by the economic situation, on the other hand some businesses time to clean up the inventory of non-compliance before the new regulations. .