sales there will be a book one card

Seven species, such as Rosewood major categories, there Cochin Dalbergia Barry Dalbergia and fluff Dalbergia Cochin Dalbergia is often said that "Rosewood", the highest price is 10 times the fluff rosewood or more. Wong Kwok said, some mahogany texture, less color and more difficult to distinguish, on the paint after. Sales, many businesses deliberately hiding specific species, if consumers do not know of mahogany, it is easy to be shoddy. . Sales of $ Henry, the introduction of new regulations on mahogany manufacturers put forward higher requirements, the original the specification execution manufacturers is a big plus, but also conducive to the industry and eliminate a number of non-standard enterprise. Yesterday, the reporter visited the Hangzhou OUYAD, Oriental Furniture City and other markets, some businesses said sales there will be a book one card, one license, but the warranty details vary.     Phase-out fish in troubled waters Special provisions of the new regulations, mahogany furniture, the warranty period shall not be less than two years. Some of the sales staff said, the warranty can only do one year after a year to be paid to the warranty, "This point manufacturers are being adjusted, more difficult to achieve in the short term, we will explain in advance and the consumer."